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Video instalation

"Ivikšn" is an installation comprising 11,300 digital photos taken between December 2006 and August 2007 in London and one video made of the same photos. In this period I worked as a locksmith for a repossession company. My job was to break into a property being repossessed, causing no damage to the doors or windows, take photos of the property, clean it and change the locks. e job had to be done quickly and cleanly so that the person living in the property had no chance of thinking and resisting. If the person was at home, I had to make sure that he or she le the premises in 30 minutes. On a "good day" I would make 5 properties per day.

The Banks I was being contracted by never saw the property, from the moment it was repossessed to the moment it was sold and paid for - often with money borrowed from the same bank. e only evidence of the condition of the property or its appearance were my photos, sent to them by e-mail. The Banks don't live in the same town. It is said that they don't even live in the same country.

The installation is a recorded digital stream of the heartbeat of the property market in the down of sub-crisis, and cold evidence of people's lives and destinies recorded on the sharp edge of economic growth.